Tips on How to Save on Car Rental

Renting a car offers so much comfort and convenience, especially while on holiday. However, hiring a car does not have to cost an arm and a leg if you use some smart tips

Below are a few tips on how to save when renting a car:

Shop Around and Compare Prices

It would not be prudent to walk into your first rental and pick a car from them. The advisable thing to do is to shop around and compare the rates for several companies as you look for the best car. You can compare online by using sites that offer such opportunities. All you need to do is to feed your preferred car type, pick up date and time, pick-up location, and return date and time. Some sites allow you to reserve a car using your credit card without deducting the amount if you like the price. And if you later see the price has reduced, you can cancel and re-book at the lower rate. You can save a significant amount by doing online research and price comparison.

Avoid Renting from Airport Facilities

While it could offer you great convenience to pick a car for hire at the airport, you could pay twice as much the rate in a rental a few miles away. The ideal thing is to use a cab, or other means to get to the nearest town or city and check the rental agencies there. As much as airport overheads for the rental companies are high, which may justify their high rates, they also take advantage of the lack of competition and the client’s desire for convenience. So, for little effort and a few minutes of your time, you can save so much.

Book the Smallest Car

Although most holiday-goers do not like driving compact cars, book a small one. You could be lucky to get a free upgrade if your rental has a few compact units, and you find all picked. Most non-airport agencies or small companies have few compact cars, and chances are you will find none, especially during peak hours. The rental has to offer you a free upgrade to the next bigger size at no extra cost. But even if you find the compact car you reserved still available, you can use it unless you need an SUV or bigger car or a recreational van . Small vehicles also have advantages of less stress in narrow streets or congested parking lots.

Everything You Should Know About Mine Spec Vehicle Rentals

Mine sites are generally known for harsh conditions. Therefore, if you are to rent a vehicle to use on the mine sites, you need to choose one that can be able to withstand these conditions and provide reliable performance. Various mine sites usually have different conditions. Vehicles that have a particular set of specifications for a mine site are known as mine-spec vehicles.

Mine Spec 4WD Vs. Standard 4WD

mine vehicles

As much as the standard 4WD vehicles are designed for off-road driving, they are not particularly ok to be used in mine sites. This is because they are not customized with various accessories that are used to improve vehicle safety, performance, and visibility, among other things. The mine spec 4WD vehicles do have the add-on accessories, known as mine spec add-ons, which make them suitable for use on mine sites. The mine spec add-ons are a mandatory requirement for mine spec vehicles due to the hazardous environment of mine sites. When hiring a light mine spec vehicle, therefore, you should ensure that it meets all the mine spec add-ons requirements.

Buying vs. Renting a Mine Spec Vehicle

Buying mine spec vehicles involves quite a lot of work and can be very time-consuming. You have to deal with many different suppliers to get all the mine spec add-ons done. There is even a risk that you might end up with unsafe vehicles. Buying also means that you have to spend a lot more capital on the car compared to renting. In addition to lower capital requirements, renting means that you get assistance from a team of professionals. This means that you will be sure that your vehicle is fitted out to the highest standards and is fully compliant.

Benefits of Renting a Mine Spec Vehicle


Mine Spec Vehicle

Different conditions at the mine site may require different types of mine spec vehicles. Hiring gives you more flexibility in terms of the cars that you have at your disposal. All you have to do is choose the ones that are most suitable for the conditions at a particular time. Flexibility can also be evaluated in terms of carrying capacity. You can hire a single or double cab to carry just a few passengers or go for a commuter bus if the number of passengers is high.


With renting, you will not have to worry about the high costs of maintenance, yet all the mine spec vehicles that you will rent will be well-maintained at all times. This means that you get to enjoy more reliability.