Ways to Aid Fuel Efficient Driving

Fuel economy of an automobile basically translates to the fuel used to cover a given distance by a vehicle. The fuel used can be shown in terms of quantity of fuel to cover a distance, or the distance covered per liter or unit of fuel used.

Statistics show that regular vehicle maintenance and paying intricate detail to your style of driving can advance your fuel efficiency by up to 30%. This cash on fuel expenses, on the other hand, you will be making the world a better place by cutting down on pollutants and other greenhouse gases emitted.

You may be wondering about, the do’s and don’ts that can help you to maximize fuel efficiency. Well, worry not, because below are pro tips to help you achieve that.

Regular Car Servicing

Regular servicing of your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual goes a long way in helping you save your fuel. An engine in poorcar gas tank condition can end up using almost 50% more fuel while emitting a lot of pollutants.

Always check the air filters, dirty and clogged air filters can cause the engine not to perform in ultimate efficiency. Consistent checks on the air filter by you or your mechanic will help you determine when to clean your air filter or whether it needs replacement.

Something else falling into this category is the engine oil. Always use the correct oil as per your car’s manufacturer manual. Using the wrong type of oil might negatively affect the engine’s performance. In addition, change the oil regularly to avoid using dirty oil, this is also a major culprit that will affect your car’s engine health causing it to use more fuel.

Choosing the Right Gear

Changing through the gears quickly to the top without accelerating too much helps in saving the fuel. Avoid laboring the engine by driving uphill or negotiating corners in top gear but neither should you drive at a lower gear than you need as it leads to fuel wastage.

Cruise Control

Switching to cruise control on long distances on the highway also saves the fuel consumption by enabling the car to maintain a steady speed. On the other hand, this cannot be down on steep terrains where cruise control cannot keep a steady pace.

Switch-off Power Accessories

gas stationBefore turning off the ignition always ensure that you have turned off all power consuming appliances, e.g., T.V Consoles, Radios, etc. Failure to do this will cause the alternator to require more current when turning on the ignition thus adding more load to the engine, which in turn will up the fuel use.

Avoid Idling Your Car

Idling your car does not get anywhere, this leads to fuel wastage and also release of unnecessary pollutants. During cold weathers do not idle your car for long periods but just making it warm enough to avoid stalling when you pull out.