Everything You Should Know About Mine Spec Vehicle Rentals

Mine sites are generally known for harsh conditions. Therefore, if you are to rent a vehicle to use on the mine sites, you need to choose one that can be able to withstand these conditions and provide reliable performance. Various mine sites usually have different conditions. This means that the specifications to consider when hiring a mine spec vehicle rental will depend on the condition of the mine site. Vehicles that have a particular set of specifications for a mine site are known as mine-spec vehicles.

Mine Spec 4WD Vs. Standard 4WD

mine vehicles

As much as the standard 4WD vehicles are designed for off-road driving, they are not particularly ok to be used in mine sites. This is because they are not customized with various accessories that are used to improve vehicle safety, performance, and visibility, among other things. The mine spec 4WD vehicles do have the add-on accessories, known as mine spec add-ons, which make them suitable for use on mine sites. The mine spec add-ons are a mandatory requirement for mine spec vehicles due to the hazardous environment of mine sites. When hiring a light mine spec vehicle, therefore, you should ensure that it meets all the mine spec add-ons requirements.

Buying vs. Renting a Mine Spec Vehicle

Buying mine spec vehicles involves quite a lot of work and can be very time-consuming. You have to deal with many different suppliers to get all the mine spec add-ons done. There is even a risk that you might end up with unsafe vehicles. Buying also means that you have to spend a lot more capital on the car compared to renting. In addition to lower capital requirements, renting means that you get assistance from a team of professionals. This means that you will be sure that your vehicle is fitted out to the highest standards and is fully compliant.

Benefits of Renting a Mine Spec Vehicle


Mine Spec Vehicle

Different conditions at the mine site may require different types of mine spec vehicles. Hiring gives you more flexibility in terms of the cars that you have at your disposal. All you have to do is choose the ones that are most suitable for the conditions at a particular time. Flexibility can also be evaluated in terms of carrying capacity. You can hire a single or double cab to carry just a few passengers or go for a commuter bus if the number of passengers is high.


With renting, you will not have to worry about the high costs of maintenance, yet all the mine spec vehicles that you will rent will be well-maintained at all times. This means that you get to enjoy more reliability.

Tips and Guidelines That Help in Picking the Best Auto Locksmith

What can be annoying than stranded outside your car for several hours with the key stuck in the ignition? It can also be a case of a snapped key. At this point, you will have no choice but to seek the services of an auto locksmith company to rescue your situation.

If you had urgent business to attend to at work, waiting half a day to get this fixed is not an option. In as much as you might want to break into the vehicle through the window, exercise caution ad reason by reaching out to an auto locksmith.

The desperation of the moment usually makes many clients overlook the certifications and level of professionalism of the locksmith. Here are a few tricks that might help you during your selection of a car locksmith San Francisco.

What Does the Auto Locksmith Offer?

No matter the urgency, take time to research on a suitable car locksmith. This conversation can be initiated by asking family and friends about car locksmith options. Mistakes do happen to everyone in life, and it will be no surprise to find one who has encountered the problem and had to engage auto locksmith services.

This method can also be supplemented by others such as asking for their certifications. Thanks to the internet there are open locksmith databases that have accreditation for performing key replacements.

How to Deal with Lost Car Keys

keys on the groundWhen you have lost your car keys, and you do not have a spare, the only logical option is to reach out to auto locksmiths. Here the locksmith will be of immense help. To copy the keys might take time. In some cases over 24 hours. In addition, you have to provide extensive proof that the vehicle is within your ownership. Such as action requires time and no one has that luxury these days.

One can remedy the situation of lost car keys faster if you reach out to a car locksmith. Emergency locksmith services might cost more than the regular locksmith services which are quite affordable. They will arrive with special picking sets that can extract snapped keys and have a copy made in real time.

Auto Replacement Locksmiths near You

Scheduling a meeting with a distant locksmith can be trying. Only opt for those operating locally. Narrow down the certified and listed locksmiths. You can always benefit from car key replacement services running near you. The certified professionals have all the skills required to get the job done.

They can also make various key varieties from slider to transponder varieties. In that respect, certification is fundamental as it sets the benchmark on what to expect from the serviceman who has just arrived.

calling for help


If you need the key replacement done quickly, go for the service operating closer to the vicinity. For one, it will save you money, and they can get in touch with locksmith networks operating in the area if need be. A good number of car locksmith San Francisco provide free quotes for people operating within the area, and this might be something you can benefit from.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Car

Over the years, electric cars have made significant steps in the car industry technology making them more popular than before. Despite that, people are still not yet convinced entirely to switching from the usual fuel powered vehicles. This has been partly due to the myths and misconceptions that electric cars still suffer from the disadvantages they had when they were introduced some years back.

Choosing between the traditional gas-powered car and an electric car can be a daunting task. Let’s take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles.

The Pros:

Goodbye to Buying Gas

The most significant and palpable advantage of the electric car is that you’ll no longer need gas. Gas prices are high and on average people with gas-recharging electric carspowered vehicles spend thousands of dollars in purchasing gas alone.  Unlike the gas-powered cars, fully electric cars such as the Tesla Model S, gas expenses are fully eliminated even though electricity isn’t free but it is cheaper.

For the hybrid cars, those that use both electric power and gas as a range extender, a considerable chunk of the gas expenditure will be cut.

Cheaper Maintenance Costs

Since the electric car is fully electric, it does not require engine oil for engine lubrication. What this means is that the extra expenses such as changing the engine oil will be absent. Also, brakes won’t wear out fast; therefore you will not need to replace them frequently like in a gas-powered car.

Quiet and Fast

Electric cars offer a smooth driving experience. With their high torque, stepping on the accelerator quickly disseminates power to the wheels. This makes most gas-powered vehicles sound more old-fashioned and noisy.

No Emissions

Since they don’t produce smoke, electric cars ensure that they help maintain a clean and emissions-free environment for us.


The Cons:

May Run Out of Juice

On full charge most, cars are restricted to around 100 miles. Fear of running out of charge before you get to your destination or near a charging station makes people reconsider buying electric cars.

Long Recharging Times

Currently, electric cars can add 20-25 miles of charge in an hour, for full charge, they require several hours, unlike gas powered cars where you can driving electric carquickly fill your tank in less than 10 minutes. This of course is a disadvantage for people in case they want to go for road trips.

In regions with high number of electric cars, DC chargers able of adding around 50 miles of range in say 25 minutes are available.

Pros and Cons of Driverless Cars.

The driverless car otherwise known as the autonomous car is a kind of vehicle able to sense the environment and navigate through without human support. These cars use different types of tech to identify their environment; e.g., odometry, laser light, GPS and computer vision.

Lately, with the upsurge in traffic fatalities which claims quite a number of lives, questions have been raised on whether the self-driving car projectwhite car could salvage this situation. At the moment this could be an imagination if you take your time and think about these cars, but on the contrary, it could be a reality in some years to come.

Without much ado let’s take a look at these futuristic cars, taking into account what could be their positives and negatives once they start hitting our roads.

The cons:


In 2015, Delphi managed to drive its Audi SQ5 several miles around the US. Several challenges arose during the test drive in cases where the lanes weren’t well marked.

Other than that, since these cars’ sensors are mounted on its roof, questions have been raised on what would happen during rainy weather which will affect the cars’ sensors, after sundown the cameras that aid the car’s movement won’t work.

Loss of driver Jobs

Over the years technology has really grown by leaps and bounds especially the artificial intelligence sector. Robots have been built that can perform tasks round the clock just the same as humans. This, of course, has led to people losing their jobs after being replaced in their line of work by these robots.

With the numerous people employed in taxi and truck driving industry, there is the fear they might lose out to these autonomous cars. Companies such as Uber have already tested their driverless taxis.


With the numerous hacking cases that have plagued the I.T industry over the years, most people may still have qualms if the driverless car will not be a victim of such cases. The technology used in these cars can also be used to track a person’s movements thus privacy will become an issue.

The pros:

Greener Environment

Human behavior such as over-speeding and instant braking are some of the factors that lead to poor fuel efficiency. These driverless cars will take out future driverless carthe human behavior factor, studies have shown that will lead to an increase in fuel efficiency.

Also, once the driverless cars have become a reality, they could also be made electric in future.

Lesser Accidents

Studies have shown that human errors cause over 80% of road accidents. Even the driverless cars haven’t proved to be accident-free, studies by Google show that these vehicles can go for 435000 miles without causing an accident.