Tips for Using the BMW Parking Assistant

As cities get more crowded each day, parking has become quite challenging. Also, traffic increases can result in collisions when parking and maneuvering. Fortunately, there are innovative driving systems that can save you a lot of stressAlso, it has features, which make your driving quite easier. The reversing assistant automatically reconstructs the last meters and frees up a lot of your time you will spend without any problem.

Use of Parking Assistant

You probably understand how hectic it can be to beat the rush hour traffic, and when you get home or office, you start looking for parking space. Maybe you spot the space, but you are not sure whether your vehicle can fit or not. Rather than wasting time trying to fit, the parking assistant allows you to park easily.

BMW Park Assistant

bmw carYou can activate the parking assistance by selecting the reverse gear. After this, you can choose the desired parking space and check the orientation. You can then follow the directions in the controlled display to park your vehicle successfully. Canceling the procedure is quite easier at any given time. Also, you can override the procedure by steering or braking.

You should note that the BMW parking assistant contains various functions meant to make parking quite easier. Some of the notable features are a backup camera, automatic parking, side parking, and distance control. You will also benefit from features such as a surround-view system and display key.

There is a huge difference between a reversing camera and a parking assistant. In this case, the reversing camera takes the function of the parking assistant to another level. The park assistant takes over the process, and you can use different sensors to park automatically. Remember that some reversing cameras provide different aids that can maneuver your vehicle safely.

Retrofitting a Parking Assistant

You should note that a complete parking assistant does not have to be retrofitted. In fact, there are different options you can try to retrofit the sensors to determine the distance between obstacles and cars. Ensure you pay attention to the ability to retrofit the sensor to ensure it is cheaper to reconfigure your car.

You can use a BMW parking assistant on any BMW model available on the market. However, it is not compatible with older vehicles such as the BMW 1 series.